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Orgasmic Meditation

Over a year ago I saw a meme that stated: “orgasms to manifest your desires”. At the time I thought the idea sounded amazing so I quickly re-posted it and went about my business. Down the line, I started to think more about orgasms to manifest my goals, and fast forward to about 50 articles later I now find myself pretty well versed in the art of using orgasms to manifest my desires. (If you are unsure about the basics of manifestation, click here to be redirected to my article on mindful manifestation for beginners)

After reading up on manifesting through orgasm, I began to wonder why this idea is not more mainstream! Think about it,

  • sexual energy is life force energy.
  • Sexual energy has always been extremely powerful and that’s one thing that most people seem to agree on.
  • Sex has always been a big motivator for both men and women.
  • Orgasms release endorphins into the body that make you feel very good. (my post-sex mood, is the only thing that can top my post-yoga mood)
  • Sexual energy has the power to clear blockages
  • Sexual energy is an unlimited resource that most people have access to

One thing I noticed in my studies is that many important people in history understood and preached the tremendous power that is sexual energy. The book “Think and Grow Rich“ written by Napoleon Hill has a chapter on sexual transmutation: the act of redirecting your thoughts from physical expression to another creative effort. That is only one example, but the information has been readily available to us for years (going back to ancient Egypt). It seems that many wealthy and important people in history were tapped into the knowledge that sexual energy can be channeled and used to manifest anything that you desire.
While it is possible to do this ritual with a partner, that’s another article for another day. This article will focus on how to manifest your desires using a solo orgasm. Have you ever noticed that after orgasm you feel Zen or on top of the world? An orgasm is a great way to clear your chakra blockages and enhance your energy. What better time to set an intention than right before you are about to orgasm? What I am about to share is how to use that sexual energy to manifest your dreams.

Sidebar: this practice could be also be done by suppression of sexual energy. However, I did not bring you all the way out here today to talk about suppressing your sexual energy (another time perhaps). I’m sure at this point you are ready for me to tell you exactly how this amazing ritual works!
You will notice that the first two steps are the same as my Mindful Meditation Article.

Step One: Be Specific. Decide what it is that you would like to manifest. While your desires are already known to the universe, it is important for you to focus on what you are trying to call into your physical reality. Make sure that whatever you are trying to manifest is something that you truly want, that you tell yourself you deserve to have it, and that it will benefit you in a positive way. Intention and belief are the driving factors when it comes to this step. Acknowledging why you want something gives it power and verbalizing that you deserve to have it will determine if it actually will manifest.

Step Two: Remove Obstacles. Starting with yourself. A negative belief system is an unsafe environment for a positive manifestation – your thoughts and your outlook on life influence your point of attraction. Self-care practices (exercising, reading a book, spending time outside, meditating, or simply doing something that will make you happy) can help combat a negative mindset. Being honest with yourself is a great start, but you also need to be aware of the people you keep around you because there is a direct correlation between your energy and the people in your environment. People who constantly complain and bring negativity to the table can hinder your personal growth in your journey. Lastly, be realistic about the time that it will take to manifest this goal. Patience is very important because most things will not manifest overnight. I often giggle at the thought of everything I want in life showing up all at once – it would be too much too soon, and I would probably have an anxiety attack. Some change is gradual for a reason – trust the process!

Step 3: Set the Mood. Before I do any type of meditation I make sure that the room that I will meditate in is clean and has very good energy. This is no different when practicing orgasmic meditation. Making sure the environment is comfortable is probably even more important now (it’s harder for some to get turned on in a cluttered room). Aromatherapy is also a great option, burning sage, incense, or candles can really awaken the senses. The last portion of this step is to use sound to set the mood for meditation. It may seem weird masturbating to meditation music however I find that using meditation music helps me stay focused on the purpose of this ritual. Step 4: Arousal. Just as foreplay in coupled sex is important it is equally as important to have foreplay before your solo orgasmic manifestation. Touch your body, be gentle with yourself, warm yourself up before moving directly to your genitals. You want to explore your body slowly and sensually. Take your time with yourself. Allow sexual energy to build.

Step Four: Pleasure. Once you have allowed the sexual energy to build, move on to pleasuring yourself. This might sound tricky, but you want to focus half of your energy on being present in pleasuring yourself, and the other half on the thing that you are trying to manifest. Use your knowledge on how to manifest things to create an image in your mind of what you want. Take your time. Using a technique like edging (the practice of taking yourself to the point of orgasm, then stopping before reaching the peak, making the eventual orgasm more powerful) can be beneficial by having you in the meditative state longer and DUH! A more powerful orgasm.

Step 5: FireWorks! Orgasm. Stay focused on your manifestation and release that powerful orgasmic energy into the universe. If you have difficulty having an orgasm, don’t panic. Everybody’s body is different, and some people have difficulty reaching orgasm. You can still utilize this practice and channel your sexual energy even if you do not orgasm. The idea is to be intentional about your thoughts and focus that energy on your specific goals.

Step 6: As always, practice gratitude. Act as if the manifestation already has come into fruition. Now that you have all the information on orgasmic meditation, I do hope you utilize this ritual. You will cum to find (see what I did there) that when practiced with the true belief it can be life-changing. P.S. look out for my e-book on this topic that will better guide you through step four.

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