Sensual Me


Sensual Me is absolutely necessary, and I mean that in the humblest of ways. 

I have poured my knowledge, my experience, my healing rituals, and my love into this e-book in hopes that it will encourage strong women everywhere to remember to prioritize their pleasure, their goals, and themselves. Designed as a 30-day daily activity journal, each day you will be asked thought-provoking questions that will help you heal and discover (or rediscover) all the beautiful things about yourself. 

My work has put me in the presence of many women who are hungry to discover more about how they can become more confident, goal driven, and in tune with their Divine Feminine. In these time-sensitive speaking events I have realized that I had to offer more if I wanted to help women find these answers – Sensual Me is just that, my gift to you. 

This e-book is for you if: 

  • you struggle to recognize your power and need some help seeing your value
  • you would like to focus and direct your energy into being more productive and more connected to your divine feminine
  • you are always on the go and could use a daily reminder to spend time with yourself
  • your relationship with your body has been love/hate and you would like to put more energy into self love practices
  • you want to grow as a sensual and sexual woman
  • you identify as a woman.

I truly believe with all of my heart that every woman should experience this journey. It is for all of us. It is my love letter – a tool that will empower you to start creating that love letter to yourself. Gift yourself the next 30 days to grow, heal, and reconnect to your divinity with Sensual Me. 


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